Vision and Multimedia (VIM) Research Group

Vision and Multimedia (VIM), University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), is one of research groups in National Engineering Laboratory for Brain-inspired Intelligence Technology and Application. Relying on the primary disciplines of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, the VIM group does the research and development (R&D) around content and service. The interests include computer vision, artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc. Our goal is to propose innovate theory and techniques, implement practical prototype system and equipment, and serve the national important demands by project/funding, etc.

The principal investigator is currently Dr. Zilei Wang, Associate Professor, USTC.

Generally, the main research topics in the VIM group include computer vision, pattern recognition, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, which are detailed as follows.

[Computer Vision]

Task: Research modern framework, model, algorithm on fundamental issues and emerging problems.  Development the useful application system into the real world.

  • Image processing and enhancement;
  • Object classification/segmentation/detection/localization/tracking;
  • Action recognition and detection;
  • Semantic segmentation;
  • Visual attention;
  • Salient object detection.

[Artificial Intelligence]

Task: Build the novel model and system, and research the related issues.

  • Intelligent decision based on deep learning;
  • Computer games;
  • Recommendation system.


Task: Research the service-specific issues in computer vision and artificial intelligence. Setup the practical system/equipment.

  • Vehicle/crowd counting;
  • Vehicle detection;
  • Color/brand/LP/type recognition;
  • Visual SLAM;
  • Biomedical image analysis.

For these research issues, the VIM group has developed multiple teams to track the frontiers or build a real/demo system. Many of them are supported by various projects/funds, including national science foundation of China (NSFC), CAS, Anhui province, etc.

If you have interests in one of the topics, join us!

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